The best condiments for belly fat loss

by Lenny

best condiments for belly fat lossWhat are the best condiments for belly fat loss?

So, what are the best condiments for belly fat loss? “Daddy, daddy, I want sauce (ketchup) with my chips” is something I hear regularly from my son Ethan. In fact our last meal consisted of potato wedges with ……… you guessed it, ketchup! This got me wondering how healthy condiments actually were and to do a bit of research into the subject. After all, condiments tend to be eaten with everything!

Before I get into the meat of this post I would just like to say with reference to my take action post that I’ve finally taken my waist/hip measurements. My waist is 90cm (about 35.5 inches) and hip is 87cm (about 34 inches). This gives me a waist/hip ratio of 1.03. According to my simple way to tell if you have too much belly fat post I’m way over the 0.8 specified. Truth is I already knew that (which is why I’m this quest to lose belly fat), however, it still is hard seeing it in writing!

Anyway, thought I’d just slip that in there. Back to the best condiments for belly fat loss.

What is a condiment anyway?

A condiment is a type of food that is added to the main dish to improve flavour or texture. It is rarely eaten on its own. Examples include things such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard e.t.c. When it comes to belly fat loss, these tend to slip under the radar as people normally don’t take them into consideration when planning their meals. Planning mainly tends to focus on the main meal.

The worst condiments for belly fat loss

Before going into the best condiments for belly fat loss, I think it would be a good idea to cover the top five worst condiments in common use today.


This is my little boy’s favourite (and to be honest I think my most used one). On the surface of it one could be mistaken into thinking that ketchup is healthy as it’s made from tomatoes which contain lycopene (which has been linked to the prevention of some types of cancers), however, ketchup is loaded with sugars, particularly high fructose corn syrup which has been linked with modern day obesity.

BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce is even worse than plain ketchup. This is because it uses even less tomatoes than ketchup and has a higher amount of sugars loaded into it. Furthermore, it could also include a lot of unnecessary flavourings.


After ketchup and BBQ sauce, mayo is the next top condiment used in our home. It is also my wife’s favourite, it practically goes into everything she eats. Fortunately I hate the stuff so it doesn’t affect me much. The issue with mayonaisse is that it’s main ingredient is processed soybean oil. This raises your levels of omega 6 leading to inflammation. Our DNA simply has not evolved to consume industrially processed oils such as soybean oil. Use of 100% olive oil would improve things, however, I’d rather stay away from the stuff, but that’s just me. Wife is still trying to get me to start eating it ;-)

Salad dressing

Again, this suffers the same issue as mayonnaise. You may think that going for a ‘low fat’ version will make it healthier, but I remember reading a while ago that you need a fat source to help absorb the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables you use in your salad, so a fat free salad dressing doesn’t really make things any better.

Tartar sauce

Not one you tend to find in our household but I know a lot of you out there enjoy it. Tartar sauce has the same issues of industrial oils that mayonnaise and salad dressing have.

The best condiments for belly fat loss

Okay, now that we’ve looked at some of the worst, lets get on with the good stuff.  The irony is that none of these condiments are found in our home and if I’m honest, I don’t like most of them. I suppose that’s why I’m now in the position where I need to start losing belly fat. Had these been part of my diet, who knows ………….


This is commonly touted as the number one condiment for belly fat loss. This boils down to the use of mustard seeds, turmeric and paprika which are all very high in antioxidants. Furthermore, mustard tends to have no added sugar!


Admittedly, out of all the condiments on this ‘healthy’ list, this is one I like. I simply love avocados. The issue with it though is it needs to be kept fresh hence one of the reasons why it’s not commonly found on our table. The reason this is such a good condiment is because it is loaded with healthy oils, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre.


Again, not something I enjoy, but easily one of the best condiments when it comes to belly fat loss. Just make sure that it’s made from olive oil and not the industrial processed oils covered in the section on mayonaisse.


Another great source of healthy oils and antioxidants, mainly from garlic, basil, pine nuts and olive oil that are used as ingredients.


Goes well with my Doritos chips otherwise, like the rest of the condiments on this list I have not consciously included this one in my diet. In fact, the chips that go with my salsa make it one of the unhealthiest condiments on the list ;-).

Salsa could be looked at as a healthy version of ketchup. It has all the benefits of the tomatoes but because it has no added sugar does not suffer the disadvantages.

The best condiments for belly fat loss – merely a case of being vigilant

So that’s my quick piece on the best condiments for belly fat loss. At the end of the day what it boils down to is checking the labels and ensuring whatever condiments you use do not have high amounts of processed oils, sugars and sodium. Also look for condiments that use high quality ingredients that have beneficial nutrients. Preferably, you should always try making your own condiments as that way YOU can control what goes into them.

Writing this article has been a wake up call for me as I’ve realised how unhealthy I’ve been when it comes to the condiments I use. I know it will be tough to change, especially when I’ve been using the same ‘bad’ condiments year after after and developed a kind of addiction to them.

If you found this article useful or have any other tips/advice on the best condiments for belly fat loss please leave a comment.

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