Strength Training In Later Life

Strength Training In Later Years

Training in later years has significant benefits …

“I’m 35.” I remember lamenting.

Kinga looked at me and in that quiet all-knowing voice said sweetheart “You’re not 35!”.

It then dawned on me that I’d somehow dropped 2 years somewhere. I was actually 37.

YIKES! 40 was just round the corner!

I’ve taken a keen interest in aging and the aging process.

Ever since I started on the quest of losing my belly fat and getting fitter I have been conscious about my age. It was after all the aches and pains of just gettng up, the knee pains just going up the stairs and the lower back pain from standing just a little too long that got me into strength training.

Even big companies like Google have started investing huge sums of money in studying aging and it’s effects.

As I’m still below 40, I feel I’m doing good work in reversing the damage I’ve caused my body over the years. Heck, I’m now fitter than I was 10 years ago and am still getting better.

If you’re over 40, 50 or even 60, you might have thought that strength training was not for you, but fear not. Even at that age you still have time to start rewinding the clock.

According to a wall street article I read (link at the end of this post) a healthy person in his 60’s can gain up to 3 pounds of muscle in 6 months to a year. Previously it was believed that you just continued losing muscle as you aged which is one reason it was recommended to pack on as much muscle during the younger years so that you still had a significnt amount left when the muscle wasting process began.

According to Teresa Liu-Ambrose from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, strength training was also found to boost “executive function” which means you also have a better chance of staving off some of the mental illnesses often associated with old age.

Getting started with strength training is no easy task and especially more so in your more senior years.

One of the best programs I’ve found to date that is suitable and works is Steve & Becky Holman’s Old School New Body program.

If you’re looking to start your strength training¬† and enjoy the benefits that come with it you should give that program a shot.

Now for the article I mentioned earlier, rememeber, the one from the wall street journal?

You can check it out from the link below.


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