Reducing Caloric Intake Extends Life …

by Lenny

Recently I’ve taken an interest in reversing the ageing process. This was more or less triggered by my post on the F4X System.


So, in my research I came across a clip from Michio Kaku I thought you might find interesting. If you’re in a hurry jump to 2.45 to 3.37 on the clip below:


Pretty interesting hey?


“Reduce caloric intake by 30% and you live 30% longer” – click to tweet

I’ll leave you with that thought for now. Catch ya later!

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  • Jon

    I saw this clip a few weeks ago and found it VERY interesting, I mean, do any of us really think about this sort of thing when we’re shoveling food into our mouths!? Thanks for sharing!

    Jon @

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