Quick 4 minute fat burning breakfast

by Lenny

Fat Burning Breakfast

Eggs for Breakfast

4 minute egg breakfast (credit: sciondriver)

I’m subscribed to Mike Geary’s truth about abs newsletter and receive regular emails on tips, tricks and advice on how to lose the belly flab. My goal to achieve six pack abs by the end of the year seems to be slowly fading into the sunset so I need all the help I can get.

By the way, if you’re keen on getting rid of that spare tire then you should at least check out the truth about abs site. It is loaded with tons of really good information on how to lose the belly fat, and best of all, it’s all FREE. All you have to do is invest a bit of your time to go over the material and implement.

Anyway, on to the point of this post.

One of the biggest setbacks for my belly fat loss efforts is failing to have a proper breakfast. My excuse is the same as for most urban dwellers such as yourself  i.e simply too busy and don’t have enough time.

This is a shame as breakfast is definitely one of the main meals of the day and to be honest, sets you up for the rest of the day. If you start your day in a crappy mood, chances are very high that the rest of your day will be crappy.

Unfortunately, you will feel crappy if you skip breakfast, and going for the ‘fast’ option of sugar loaded cereals and bagels will just add to your belly fat!

Mike’s 4 minute fat burning breakfast

Mike tells the story of how he was late for a flight and yet still managed to get in a high quality fat burning breakfast.

In case you don’t know, the best type of breakfast for burning the flab and getting rid of the spare tire is a protein based breakfast. Numerous studies have proven that protein based diets help people maintain lower body fat levels, stabilise blood sugar levels and balance hormones as compared to an equivalent carb based breakfast.

Now, the issue for most, such as myself, is that protein breakfasts take time to prepare and it’s so much easier to have a quick, under 4 minute breakfast by just opting for a bowl of cereal. The problem with cereal based breakfasts is that they cause blood sugar and insulin levels to spike, crash energy levels and cause cravings and an increased appetite by mid morning.

…not ideal if you want to lose your belly fat.

As an aside, I was watching a documentary recently on how cereals are no longer convenient and that market research shows people now want a more convenient solution triggering a rise in ‘breakfast/cereal bars’. Imagine that, it’s now becoming inconvenient to pour milk over your bowl of cereal and takes too much time!

Back to Mike …

So Mike was late for his flight and what he did was quickly fry up 3 eggs (the protein source).  He then cut up an avocado to provide fibre and healthy oils and added some “fermented” veggies (good source of probiotics).

All this was done in under 4 minutes and yet provided a breakfast high in nutrients, would keep his appetite under control for hours and hours while at the same time keeping his blood sugar low and stable.

Can you see how easy and yet effective that was?

Personally I’m ashamed I still keep giving myself excuses for not having a proper fat burning breakfast, yet Mike manages so easily.

You too should stop making excuses and start making sure you start your day off on good footing with a healthy fat burning breakfast!

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