Lose belly fat with the F4X system

by Lenny

The F4X System : Lose Belly Fat And Reverse The Aging Process

Old School, New Body with F4X system

Reverse the ageing process with the F4X System. Click clip above to learn more …

The second part of the heading ‘reverse the aging process’ surely must have caught your attention! It certainly did mine. The claims are made in a program that I was recently introduced to.

The  ‘old school, new body’ presents the unique angle that by following their program, not only do you lose belly fat and get lean, you also reverse the aging process!

I found the free information provided really top notch, so by the time I got to the salespage I already had my credit card out and was in buying mode. I bought the ebook and straight away went through it to find out if there were any valuable nuggets I could pull out. I was not disappointed.

I found the ebook to be really informative and up to date. I don’t know why, I suppose it’s because the author is old school, but for some reason I subconsciously expected it to be filled with out of date information revamped to make it look valuable for the present day, but it was surprisingly refreshing. If you’re anything like me, you find that most belly fat loss ebooks tend to state the same things, most of which you already know. This ebook was somewhat similar, however, it had MORE!

Old School, New Body Review

Unlike most which shy away from weight training, muscle building is the main focus of this particular program. The key focus is on building muscle to increase your body’s fat burning capabilities. Now, I sincerely believe you can lose your belly fat without going through an intensive weight training program, however I do believe that if you want to achieve your belly fat loss goals, and six pack abs in particular, then muscle building is the way to go. The ebook is consistent with my views on the best exercises to lose belly fat, the only difference is the way in which it is done.

Now I understand the concerns some women have about building muscle, but like I have mentioned in previous articles and as Steve Holman mentions in the ebook, 99% of women simply do not have the hormonal profile or muscle density to slap on pounds of muscle, so you are safe as regards that. Besides, a little bit of muscle not only makes you look and feel good, it definitely increases your sex appeal! In a lot of my articles, I have tried to explain why women shouldn’t be afraid of lifting weights, Steve does a splendid job of explaining it!

Reversing The Aging Process With The F4X System

Another angle this book has taken is that of reversing the aging process (probably the one thing that attracted you to this article, right?). If there is one takeaway I got from this book it’s to do with reversing the aging process. Apparently, research carried out by Cynthia Kenyon at the University of California identified a gene, aptly named the grim reaper gene, that speeds up the aging process. Research shows that this gene is triggered by insulin, so what this means is that an increase of insulin in your body results in an increase in the aging process. It therefore follows that keeping your insulin levels in check, plays a significant role in halting the aging process.

Still on the aging process, training using the F4X method advocated in the book results in an increase in growth hormone. Growth hormone in turn results in a number of positive benefits that also contribute to reversing the aging process. As people age, Their growth hormone levels decline and the aging process speeds up. That’s why some people look relatively young for a while and then suddenly, seemingly within months seem to age years! To understand the concept you really should check out the ebook.

Now I already mentioned the dangers of belly fat, but at the time I was unaware of the link between aging and exercise as presented within the F4X system, so you can actually add aging as another danger of belly fat. A major difference spoken about in the program, is the importance of not focusing on ‘heavy weight’ but rather on intensity. The workouts in the program are designed to get your workouts finished in well under an hour.

Care for Your Joints

The other thing with the workouts presented in the F4X system found in ‘Old School, New Body’ is that they take consideration of your joints. The problem with heavy weight training is the damage they cause to your joints, meaning that with time, working out with excessively heavy weights will wear out your joints quickly, definitely not something you want to be dealing with in old age!

My Experiences

I meant to have this article out earlier (had the rough draft prepped soon after reading the ebook), but soon after, because I was so inspired I hit the gym to try the F4X system out, with a bit of my own twist. Going with the advice presented in the program i.e start out light and build up as you get stronger, I did ALL my sets with an empty bar (normal Olympic bar, about 45 pounds or 20kg). What I did was hit all the major muscle groups via squats, dead-lifts, bent over rows and bench presses, finishing of with 20 minutes on an x-trainer.

The reason I did not finish off the article is because, despite not adding any weight to the bar, I WAS SORE ALL OVER! (I also had to built a trampoline for my son, and that knocked out what little energy I had left. Needless to say, The F4X system has kick started my 6 pack ab plan. If you’ve been following me for any length, then you will know I intend to get 6 pack abs in 9 months (now updated to 6 pack abs in 6 months).

I will be using a combination of systems to achieve my goal and will be feeding back my progress on a regular basis.

I found one of the things holding me back was waiting for everything to be perfect. I wanted to get good camera footage of my progress but as that infrastructure hasn’t been set up I found I ended up procrastinating a lot. Well, I’ve thought ‘sod that’. I’ve done my first video capture with my phone camera and will be posting it soon.

Anyway, gotta dash. Kids have been waiting patiently for their breakfast and my body is aching for sustenance. That workout sure has hit me hard. I can literally feel my legs, butt, back and chest burning through the fat and screaming for more ;-)


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  • OA

    Need to lose some belly fat fast. Hope this works

    • http://www.banishthatbelly.com/ Lenny

      Hey OA, I’ve started a challenge to develop 6 pack abs in 6 months and as part of that challenge the F4Xsystem is a critical component. I have since lost over 2kg in two weeks so I can vouch for it, at least in the short term. Just remember to also limit the amount of simple carbohydrates you take in such as white bread and increase the amount of protein you eat. Another good tip is to also do a liver cleanse if you haven’t done one recently. This will help unclog your liver and boost your body’s fat burning capabilities. Good luck in your efforts :-)

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  • http://weight-loss-hyderabad.blogspot.in weight loss india

    I believe that avoiding prepared foods may be the first step in order to lose weight. They may taste excellent, but processed foods have very little nutritional value, making you try to eat more to have enough vigor to get through the day. For anyone who is constantly ingesting these foods, converting to grain and other complex carbohydrates will make you to have more energy while ingesting less. Thanks alot : ) for your blog post.

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