Link Between Sex And Belly Fat

by Lenny

I said it before and I’ll say it again.




It gets even tougher for women over the age of 40. I wrote an article about it which covered the effect of hormones, lower muscle density, home life i.e being main carer, stress e.t.c. If you’d really want want to know why it’s much harder for women to lose weight than men then you should check out the article.


A recent article has just confirmed that there is a link between sex and belly fat loss …


Laura Sullivan loves everything about her husband Randy – except how he loses weight fast and she barely moves the scale when they diet.

“We eat similar. It flies off of him and doesn’t for me,” said Sullivan. “I have to work really hard, especially since I hit 40, it’s gotten worse and worse.”

Randy understands his wife’s frustration. The couple decided to get healthier a few years ago. He quickly lost 50 pounds.

“It does seem kind of unfair. She works harder than I do,” said Randy. “But for me, it just comes easy. It comes off.”

“We need to recognize that there are real differences. It’s not in her head. She’s not doing anything wrong. We just can’t have the same expectations,” said Dr. Brett Cohen with Memorial Healthcare System. see the post


So if you’re a woman over 40 the deck is stacked against you, but fear not. Here on there are tons of solutions for you, that will help you lose that belly fast and get nice sexy firm six pack abs!


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