Squatting …

When I first started down the path f losing my belly fat and decided strength training was the way, I remember one of the first ever discussions I had with Simon, the gym owner. I had been posting my progress videos on facebook and he had seen an issue with my squat. When I was […]

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Get in there and do the grind

I’m chilling like a cultured villian. Cup of green tea with a dash of lemon as I get ready for bed. It’s been an eventful day. Ended with a nice soak in the bath with some epsolm salts to relax the muscles and promote vitamin and other nutrient absorption, followed by stuffing myself with some […]

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Muscle soreness …

After about two weeks off I finally returned to the gym yesterday. I stuck with workkout A of the Stronglifts 5×5 program (namely squats, bench and bent over rows.). I kept it light and made sure that I would not scare myself off. If you’re just landing on this blog, then at the time of […]

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