135lb Overhead Press

The journey continues. I’ve hit a few snags but I’m continuing to plough through. I have one more chance before the end of the month to hit my Squat PR, and although I felt that after two failed attempts I’d be better off backing down and working my way back up, but after a bit […]

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Stop “working out” & start practising

The theme of looking at your training as practice and not just working out has come up over and over again. The problem with “working out” is that you tend to do exercises which have no real meaning or application in the real world. I’ve always intuitively known that I wanted to to workouts that […]

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Need to master pull ups!

I started on the second cycle of Wendler 531 today. Nothing special. Overhead press at 30kg, 35kg,40kg  and 45kg for 5 sets of 5. I was supposed to just do 30kg, 35kg and do as many at 40kg as I could, but … … I forgot. I only realised when I was already into my […]

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