Beyonce Signs With Pepsi …

by Lenny


So, word has it that Beyonce has signed a $50 million multi year deal with Pepsi Co.

Beyonce is the new face of Pepsi


Now that’s a shitload of money. Makes me really envious. What would YOU do with $50 million in the bank? Lifes so unfair …


Anyway, the point of this post was to remind you of the dangers of sugar. Beyonce now being the face of Pespi Co. now means temptation will now be that much higher for more of us. I should also take my hat of to Pespsi co for a masterstroke in marketing. The deal includes limited addition Pepsi cans featuring Beyonce and allows her creative license for any other projects unrelated to Pespi. What this means is that whatever Beyonce does, Pepsi Co gets mileage.


BEEUTIFOOL for both parties, but as with all things someone has to pay, and yes that will be all the obese kids who fall into the cycle!


It’s a shame really because I remember the Let’s Move Campaign Beyonce did to support Michelle Obama’s initiative:



LOL, just watching that again had me moving …


Anyway, this is fair warning, we can look forward to some Beyonce featured Pespi cans. DO NOT be seduced. Stick with the plan and stay away from Sodas if you want to lose that belly flab!


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