Need to master pull ups!

I started on the second cycle of Wendler 531 today. Nothing special. Overhead press at 30kg, 35kg,40kg  and 45kg for 5 sets of 5. I was supposed to just do 30kg, 35kg and do as many at 40kg as I could, but … … I forgot. I only realised when I was already into my […]

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Learning App Development …

A little bit of an offside … I’m just over a month into Wendler 531. In fact, tomorrow I’ll be increasing weight, plan to add 10kg to my squat & deadlift and 5kg to my bench and overhead press. That’s where this app development business comes into play. When I first started down this road […]

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Squatting …

  When I first started down the path of losing my belly fat and decided strength training was the way, I remember one of the first ever discussions I had with Simon, the gym owner. I had been posting my progress videos on facebook and he had seen an issue with my squat. When I […]

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