Yep, that's my mug! I do look rather cheerful don't I ;-)


I’m Boykie, a 36 year old married dad of two.

Ever since the booze, fast food and living room couch took my belly hostage, I’ve been in tough negotiations to get it back.

I’ve tried almost every fitness and fat loss program out there. The only truth about “The Truth About Abs” is that I didn’t have ‘em, “Six Pack Shortcuts” were just that …

… shortcuts to frustration!

All I needed was a simple effective system that worked.

I got fed up with all the shysters, tricksters and conmen with their endless parade of complicated diets (carb cycling, ketogenic, fasting e.t.c) and complex workout protocols that worked really well for shedding the weight of my wallet but did absolutely nothing for my belly fat!

I was so fed up I resigned myself to the fact that I’d never turn my keg into a six pack.

Ironically, it’s when I decided to forget about losing belly fat that I accidentally stumbled upon and effective system for belly fat loss THAT WORKS! And the best part?

… it was (and still is) FREE!

Within twelve weeks the system had literally melted away a HUGE slab of my belly fat.

Ha, ha, ha, in fact if I stood in just the right light, at just the right angle you could see the whiff of six pack abs almost peeking through what little belly fat there still was.

The system was a ridiculously simple and yet highly effective strength training program. It was by far the best program I had ever come across for losing belly fat …

… that is until my most recent discovery.

I’ve recently come across a new system that combines the concepts of the strength training program I mentioned with a new technique designed by a Russian scientist to boost your belly fat loss and expose your muscle tone in the shortest time possible!

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