Wanna Lose The Belly Flab & Get Strong?


Squat Improved By 2.5kg. Get In There!

Squat Improved By 2.5kg. Get In There!


Hi I’m Boykie. I’m a 37 year old married dad of two really energetic boys {well, one of them is energetic, the other is rather nerdy & dorky}.

About two years ago I realised that I’d somehow grown a bit of a belly. My stomach literally rolled over my belt leaving me feeling uncomfortable and to be quite frank embarrassed that I’d let myself go.

I also noticed my energy levels were nowhere where they used to be and just 2 minutes of play with the kids left me totally exhausted …

… and walking up the stairs was a pain, especially in my knees.

Not even 35 and it was almost as if I was an old age pensioner before my time!

It wasn’t until my sons first sports day that I knew I had to change. He came in last in most of his events and though he didn’t seem to care, I did!

He didn’t care about winning at sports because I didn’t and I knew then and there I needed to be a better role model so decided I’d seriously start working on my fitness.

Initially, all I wanted was to get rid of the belly flab and get myself toned down. The program I started with was Stronglifts 5×5 which was quite effective with me seeing results within weeks.

Along with getting toned I also noticed my energy levels go up, my knees and joints stopped aching and I stopped suffering from my regular colds.

HECK! Even my asthma seemed to have vanished.

I soon realised that getting a six-pack was not really what I wanted. It was the superficial reason that got me taking action. What’s kept me going is the desire to get stronger.

You see, if you’re really strong then you have a foundation to do anything else.

My current maxes are 315lb on the squat, 325lb on the deadlift and 225lb on the bench press. I will be working on improving these numbers every single day.

If you already beat these numbers then you’re ahead of me in the game, but if you’re not yet there I will be sending out daily email updates on my progress.

To get free access to these updates, enter your name and email in the form and I’ll catch you on the flip side.