Reverse Ageing

How To Trim Belly Fat And Reverse The Ageing Process

(Yes you read right. Reverse ageing)


Lets face it. From the time we’re born, the clock starts ticking and the countdown starts. We all accept that we’re getting older  and sooner or later will start falling apart. Well guess what?




My name is Lenny, and just after my 31st birthday I started feeling the signs of old age creeping up on me like a shadow in the night. You know how it is. One moment you’re lively and can do anything, and the next you have to think carefully before you climb that flight of stairs. I actually started using the guide-rail on the stairs. Can you believe that!


The world’s longest stairway at the Niesenbahn funicular in Switzerland has 11,674 steps and does NOT have a guard-rail …


Yes, only 31 and I was already feeling like an old man. Taking the kids out to the park left me winded, climbing the stairs triggered pain in my knees and I always felt exhausted for no plausible reason …


“I should point out though, that even were I in my prime I’d probably still have a hard time doing the Niesenbahn funicular!”


HECK! Though I don’t drink as much now, whereas I could recover in a day after a hard party session I got to the point where it would take me the WHOLE WEEK to clear a hangover!


I suffered from all sorts and even went to see the doctor a couple of times (I don’t know about you, but I simply abhor visiting the doc). It takes a lot of effort or things will have to be seriously wrong for me to visit the doc, but I started suffering too many symptoms and I simply knew something was up. Some of the symptoms I suffered were:


  • Fatigue
  • Dry itchy skin
  • Joint pain
  • Lack of Endurance
  • Poor circulation
  • Mood swings & Depression


Yeah, I felt pretty old. But not anymore


And no! It’s not because of any medication the doctor gave.


Now, I got a lot of respect for doctors, they work very hard to earn their qualifications and it’s always advised to see a professional, however, my personal experience has led me to believe they tend to be ‘generic’ in their approach to treating patients. After my check up the only advice the doctor gave me was to watch my diet (I might have an intolerance/allergy to something, wheat was his first guess) and to exercise more. Yeah, really useful advice.


I figured this was a problem I had to solve for myself.


My journey started with the quest to lose belly fat and get fit and trim again, you know, like back in the day when I didn’t have the rolls of flab getting in the way and could sprint up a flight of stairs without feeling like I’d had all the stuffing knocked out of me. Well, while pursuing that goal I inadvertently landed on some powerful tips to reverse ageing.


It turns out there is a strong link between losing belly fat and reversing the ageing process. A link you are soon to learn about.


But, before I give you the powerful tips that started me on the path to turning back the clock, I think it’s important you understand the three main causes of ageing.


Click through to learn the three main causes of ageing …